WHAT CAN I DO WITH AN ART DEGREE?!!!….. (Up for Discussion….please comment with advice!)

I will be graduating from college in about year…and I’m beginning to panic! What do I do with an art degree? AH! HELP!
Some helpful facts about me:
I chose art because it was the only thing I felt I could really do, plus I love it and I want to do what I love. Photography is my thing, and Photoshop is my friend. I enjoy beading and making rosaries. (although I think it would be quite difficult to do that for a living!) I am a pretty good painter, though, photography is probably my best art form and it comes most naturally. I’m fairly good at design. I like making announcements, cards, and posters. I’m also interested in fashion and make up. I am a people person and I’m friendly and easy to work with. I work hard, especially when it comes to art! I spend hours at a time in the studio (working on paintings, drawings, sculptures) and at my computer working on photos or digital drawings (etc).
I just want to find a fairly good paying job but I have no idea where to begin! (Plus I’m going to have to start paying off loans when I graduate so I will definitely need to get a job right out of college if I can find one!) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
-Your friendly blogger

Items to Check Out


Maybe I shouldn’t have stepped into the campus library today for a moment in between a meeting and class. It turns out I’m so intellectually curious (note, I avoided the term nerdy) that I just HAVE to check out these books (that, might I add, have hardly any or no relevance at all to my schooling or my degree…). Like I’m going to have time to read them. Pah! Is that a joke? But I figure they might be good for some downtime before bed since I’ve been struggling to relax at night. Plus! They’re free! What college student doesn’t like free? And since I’m graduating in a year (or planning on it at least) I figure I need to use the library while I can!

My Different Identities

(I had to do this for an exercise for one of my classes and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys)

College identity- as far as my college identity goes it’s not much different than that which was my junior high or high school identity. Slight differences between my college identity and the previous identities might be that I use more swear words and sexual language than I did when I was younger. I feel, though that my personality and morals have not changed much. This is a broad identity that many other identities can fit into.
Teacher/Professor/Adult authority- around teachers in high school I was always very polite and formal and always addressed them by their last name. I made sure to never swear or do anything wrong around a teacher. In college it’s slightly different, but not by much. At first, when still acquaintances with my professors, I make sure to be very respectful and formal (this includes when I email them too). But as I get to know my professors, especially art professors in smaller classes, I will sometimes start calling them by their first name and it will be more of a respectful friendship relationship, like that with another coworker for example, but I’m always aware that they usually know more than me and I am here for them to teach me, not the other way around!
Church girl identity- at church and in church related situations I make sure to be as respectful and polite as possible. This would mean never swearing and I try to not use the Lord’s name in vein. Conversations differ entirely than that with my friends, boyfriend, or even parents. My church girl identity is sweet, polite, and totally innocent, completely different than the identity with my boyfriend and friends!
Friend identity- my friend identity is much different than that of the identity with my family or boyfriend. This identity is often a slightly closed off one. I’ll often times be quiet and let others speak. I will sometimes feel like when I do speak what I’ve said is unimportant or just ridiculous. With this identity I am usually very careful to be kind and not say the wrong thing for fear of hurting others feelings. I will sometimes be really joyful and hyperactive around friends, if I’m around the right people and in the right situation, as well as in the right mood for laughter and such.
Family identity (with parents and grandparents)- although this identity is also conserved in some ways (like the friend identity is) I prefer it because I feel a little more confident around my family and feel more comfortable. I get excited while around them, when talking about my studies or my beliefs etc, because I feel smart and admired. I, a lot of the time, feel like the young spunk in the family, that brings joy to my parents and grandparents simply because I am young, energetic, open-minded, and often times inspired and imaginative.
Boyfriend identity- This is where all of my identities come together a little, although it has some of its own specifics that would never intermingle with any of my other identities. In this identity I am the friend identity but more open like that of the family identity. I am so open that I tell him just about everything and 90 percent of the time I’m not ashamed. This is also a glamorous and sexy identity. I dress up with nice clothes and make up, which not only helps me to feel good about myself, but also helps me to feel like I am an attractive caring girlfriend and that I still cares, and puts much effort into my appearance, after all this time of dating. I am very sexual, romantic, and vulnerable, as well as sensitive, the most caring, and probably the most forgiving in this identity.